The why and the what

This program is designed to be simple and by featuring a bike friendly logo our community of businesses are identifying with the needs of cyclists and from them you can expect:

  • A warm welcome and encouragement;
  • Assurance that you will be assisted with your needs, bike related or otherwise;
  • To be in the know about the latest cycling news and developments in their area;
  • A knowledge of local trails and events; and
  • The ability to point you in the direction of the right person or business who can help.

A clear and concise system has been designed to allow you as a cyclist to identify with a business’s offering as part of the Bike Friendly Business Accreditation Program.  A suite of icons depicts the services and facilities that a business provides.

For example, by clicking on an operator listing you will see a section on their page that displays the bike friendly facilities the individual business has on offer.  Symbols such as Wi-Fi, camping, and storage, allow you as a rider to pinpoint what is available to match your cycling requirements at the business.

The full list of symbols available for a business to identify with are as follows:

More and more businesses will join the Bike Friendly Accredited Business program – return to this site to see them listed and please support this program by visiting participating businesses.

Become a Bike Friendly Business