Scotch Oakburn College is a coeducational, open entry, day and boarding school in Launceston, Tasmania, providing exceptional opportunities for its students from Early Learning through to Year 12.

A Uniting Church school founded in 1886, Scotch Oakburn has built a reputation as one of Australia’s finest schools.

The College also has strong national and international connections as a member of the prestigious Round Square organisation. Scotch Oakburn has a sister school relationship with one of China’s leading schools, Beijing’s Jingshan School, and is Tasmania’s only member of the Confucius Classroom program.

The TCE results achieved continue to be exceptional, with our students among the country’s academic elite each year.

However, the offerings of the College, both curricular and co-curricular, are broad, designed to provide a holistic education for all, covering the social, emotional, physical and spiritual learning as well as the academic.

Our teaching staff are a highly committed group of professionals – part of our community of lifelong learners. A focus of their on-going learning is that of gaining a greater understanding of how young people learn today.

The College has exceptional facilities developed by a strong understanding of how people best learn. The architecture of the Middle School, Helix (Centre for Science and Mathematics), Robert Dean Senior Student Centre and the conneXions learning centre at the Junior School have earned wide acclaim. Facilities have been designed around 21st Century learning best practice, which enhances the connection between student and teacher.

Scotch Oakburn, with its proud traditions built over 130 years, remains committed to investing in the future of the College and its students.


Prospectus: Principal’s Message

“The College’s motto, ‘I will find a way to higher things’ encapsulates all that we do to achieve the goal of educating our students for their future.

“Scotch Oakburn College works in partnership with our students, parents and the community to provide a world class education where students continually develop the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. Importantly, alongside these essential skills students hone their communication skills, are encouraged to be inquiring and reflective thinkers, and importantly to become ethical and responsible citizens and life-long learners.

“This education ensures the development of well-rounded young people who are able to make informed decisions and who are confident to engage positively and productively in the world beyond the College. This is achieved by providing excellence in each of the three broad and inter-woven programs in which our students are engaged: the academic, pastoral and co-curricular. The breadth of these programs provides a myriad of opportunities for students to explore their extensive talents and potential. At the core of these programs are values that underpin the growth and development of every young person at Scotch Oakburn. Values such as: compassion, humility, integrity, responsibility, tolerance and commitment.

“I believe the College’s talented and highly qualified staff are its greatest resource a as such are excellent role models for our young people. They continually learn, reflect and innovate to ensure they utilise best practice teaching methods and provide the highest standard of education and care for our students. Staff use the array of programs on offer to better know and understand the young people in their care. The rapport they build with students and the subsequent engagement in the life of the College that those relationships promote are vital in nurturing a sense of belonging and love of learning in each student.

“Teaching and learning at Scotch Oakburn occurs in a wide variety of environments that challenge and stimulate students’ learning. Students experience innovative and creative programs in learning spaces and performance venues designed specifically for learning in the 21st century. Learning continues outdoors in our extensive gardens, wetlands, sporting fields and arenas, and of course in Tasmania’s beautiful natural World Heritage environment. The College has further extended its learning resources via local and global partnerships with the University of Tasmania and international schools through our involvement in ‘Round Square’ as well as cultural tours to China, France and Japan.

“I warmly invite you to contact the College to organise a tour of our energetic and inspiring learning community.”

– Andy Müller, Principal


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