Mia Kealy is originally from a small coastal town in New South Wales…but she chose to move to Launceston to study because she was looking for a university that wasn’t situated in a capital city, for lifestyle and economic reasons.

“I had been on a couple of trips to Tasmania prior to moving here, and fell in love with the climate and the state’s natural and built landscapes,” she said.

In 2018 Mia will start her second year of the Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments degree.

Mia said her experience so far at the University of Tasmania has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“The School of Architecture and Design’s approach to teaching and practice is incredibly holistic; it has a strong commitment to sociocultural and environmental sustainability, and encourages design solutions through creativity and innovation.

“The small class sizes allow you to have invaluable contact with lecturers and tutors, and facilitate close friendships with other students.

“Whether it is the hands-on experience gained in the School’s workshop or working with a diverse range of people from interdisciplinary backgrounds, there is always a new experience to be had,” Mia said.

“As it is the only Architecture and Design School in the state, there are also lots of valuable opportunities to network directly with people from industry and potential future employers.”