Why you’ll love living and studying in Launceston…

Moving away from home to study is exciting – a new learning environment in a new location – new friends and new opportunities.

Launceston is a student city; it is a community that welcomes students from near and far. .




Launceston provides a great lifestyle: it’s clean, safe and there is so much to do.



Launceston offers students a great lifestyle, high quality education opportunities available at world-renowned learning institutions.  Launceston is large enough to offer all the services you would expect – but small enough to be a real community where you will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to engage in local activities, clubs and events.

Student life in Launceston is fantastic: there is a huge range of activities to keep all students engaged regardless of your interests.

You can be as ‘wild as you want’: you might want to push the boundaries and ‘live on the edge’ – or you may prefer more gentle and relaxing activities.  It’s all here!

Wildly adventurous! You might love adventure: rock climbing, abseiling, sailing, hiking, flying, camping, rowing, cycling, fishing, scuba and snorkeling.  You can do all this within 20 minutes of the town centre.

Wildly creative!  Launceston has a thriving arts scene: galleries, theatre, writing, poetry, design and craft networks. There are dozens of amateur and semi- professional theatre groups, bands, choirs, dance clubs and orchestras: you could be on the stage or in the audience.  There is always something on.

Over 20 art and design galleries, along with the famous Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, will keep the keenest art connoisseurs and craft junkies entertained for days.

Wildly gentle!  Park and beach walks, yoga, meditation, concerts, galleries, antique shops, markets, open gardens, libraries, book clubs and quirky cafes, pubs and bars.

Wildly gourmet!  While Launceston is home to some great nightclubs and pubs, it is more highly regarded for its fine food, wine, restaurants, food markets and craft food ‘makers’ and brewers. You will taste the difference when you eat Tasmanian  local produce – because it is grown in a pure environment – clean air and water straight from our mountain highlands.

Start something special in Launceston, and check out what’s on in Launceston here.